Kirk vs. The Young Guns

Every now and then I run into a Young Gun who tries to teach me a lesson in the gym.  They’re all cocky and wanna flex their testosterone.  My job is to show them a 50+ year old still has something left in the tank.  Let’s see who has the last laugh…

BATTLE I:  I had to lock horns with Travis and teach him a lesson or two.  He’s trying to embarrass me, but I held my own  The Young Guns are tough!

BATTLE II:  Doing battle with my man Ilya who disrespects me at every turn.  I think I got the best of him near the end, but you be the judge.  I may be old, but I can be lethal!

BATTLE III:  In this episode I’m battling with my friend Brad who challenged me to some burpees and backward burpees. Let’s see if I can keep him from running over me! Can I hang or what? You be the judge…

BATTLE IV:  Travis wanted to kick my butt again, but I had to put him in his place.  He ran away after I smacked him down with some TRX squat jumps.  Haven’t heard from him since.  

BATTLE V:  Watch Francis and I do battle. We’re doing 50 Mt. Everest Climbers. Not quite enough to induce heart failure, but surely enough to induce regurgitation. This exercise works the entire body.