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Immediate Positive Effects of Plant-Based Eating

We live in a fast-paced society and we want immediate gratification.  That makes the conversion to plant-based eating exponentially difficult.  We understand we should do it, but why subject yourself to the pain of making dietary changes.  Of course, when we hear that plant-based eating will cure or mitigate the effects of some of the biggest killers in America (cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes) our first reaction is I’ll have to give up all the “fun” foods and my lifestyle will flush down the toilet.  Everybody wants to have fun, but too many of us want it at exorbitant costs, namely abuse and destruction of their bodies.

However, as I’m coaching clients, I always impress upon them there are some immediate benefits of converting to plant-based eating (within 3 to 7 days), which makes it a priceless conversion.  My list of immediate benefits is due to 30-plus years of plant-based eating and more than 10,000 hours of personal training and coaching sessions.  Thanks to the testimonials of my clients, some of the benefits they’ve experienced are:

  1. Clearer Skin
  2. Allergy Relief
  3. Easier Breathing
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Asthma Relief
  6. Acid Reflux Relief
  7. Arthritis Relief
  8. Nasal Congestion Relief
  9. Migraine Relief
  10. Diverticulitis Relief
  11. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Relief
  12. Autoimmune Disease Relief
  13. Less Constipation
  14. Less Bloating
  15. Less Joint Inflammation
  16. Less Cramping during Menstruation
  17. Less Brain Fog
  18. Better Sleep at Night
  19. Greater Stamina
  20. Lower Blood Pressure
  21. More Energy
  22. Clothes Fit Better
  23. Better Spirits

The game plan to achieve the some of those results is based on an individual’s lifestyle and desires.  A simple system will yield unbelievable results, but some discipline is necessary.  Some of your old ways must be tossed aside to make room for your new ways that will give you what you want.  In my experience and my clients, converting to plant-based eating will immediately produce at least three of the aforementioned positive results.  That’s not a bad start, with the long-term positive results of battling disease surely to follow.  Superior metabolic functioning and a disease-free body is yours to have through the power of plant-based eating.

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