How Much Exercise?

How much exercise is enough?  The most important objective is to enjoy the process as much as possible, regardless of length.  Exercise should relieve stress, not compound it.   How much heart and soul that is put into your exercise time depends on personality.  Some people are hyper and are only engaged moving at a fast and furious pace.  Others like to hit cruise control and take it slowly.  Either way is fine, provided you put in a serious effort. 

There are three types of exercise that must be incorporated in your workout regimen:  cardio, core and weight training.  An extremely effective way to engage all three is implementing a 4-Day Rotation.  Day 1 one is cardio; day 2 is core training; day 3 is weight training; and day 4 is rest.  Cardio can be any exercise that gets your heart pumping (around 60% to 70% of max heart rate) for 30 to 45 minutes, such as running, walking, biking or hiking.  Core training would be mostly body-weight exercises, such as crunches, sit-ups, planks, squats or balance exercises, 30 to 45 minutes.  Weight training would be using dumbbells, barbells and weight machines to increase resistance, 30 to 45 minutes.  If 30 to 45 minutes is not sustainable, shorten the timeframe to something manageable.  Stretching I recommend each day, focusing primarily on the back, hamstrings and hips.  Although the entire body needs stretching, those are the biggest problem areas with most people.  I stretch in 2 to 5 minute increments throughout the day.

Be mindful that consistency, not intensity, with your exercise regimen will put you on the path to superior physical and mental fitness.  It’s far more effective to consistently do a small amount each day than to cram everything into one or two days per week.  Piling on too much into short periods of time increases the odds of burnout and dejection as you find it almost impossible to achieve your goals.  Consistency decreases the odds of injury, builds positive momentum, increases stamina and reduces stress on the body.  Move forward with your exercise regimen at a slow to moderate, steady pace and over time you will be rewarded.

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    1. Let’s do it! For your daily cardio set a small goal you know you can accomplish each day. Remember, the amount is not the focus, it’s all about positive habit formation. Enjoy!

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