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Build Momentum Thru the Holidays

Staying in shape through the holiday season is one of the biggest challenges you will face.  It’s imperative to have an exercise regimen firmly in place by October 1st to make it through to New Year’s Eve.  Those who don’t have one in place usually succumb to weight gain, lethargy and possible depression regarding their physical appearance.  Aside from holiday parties and family commitments, the cold and darkness of the northeast and big deterrents to breaking a sweat.  Being forced indoors can be a demotivator, so following are a few keys to build some positive gym momentum as we move toward Thanksgiving…

Exercise with a group.  Groups keep you energized and accountable.  When you know others are depending on you, you’ll have less tendency to let them down and consequently let yourself down. 

Get a personal trainer.  Many people will only come to the gym if they have a personal training session.  Some feel intimidated by going to the gym and get embarrassed easily if they feel their form is not up to par.  Hiring a personal trainer will easily take care of those issues.

Play competitive sports.  Some people find it difficult to get motivated unless they’re competing against others (I’m one of those). They only get the juices flowing by beating someone else in competition.  There are plenty of basketball, football, soccer, etcetera leagues to join.

Exercise early in the morning.  There are far fewer distractions early in the morning than there are in the evening.  Work issues, spouse issues, kid issues—it never seems to end.  Get exercise out of the way as soon as possible.  Enjoy the solace of the morning before everyone starts stirring around.

Get your significant other involved.  This may be difficult because one partner is usually more motivated than the other.  You don’t necessarily have to exercise together, but simply going to the gym together can be a big motivator. 

Buy exercise equipment for your home.  Many people love the option of having an exercise bike, treadmill, TRX and/or weights in their home gym.  If it saves travel time, it’s right up their alley.    

Get a killer playlist.  If you like to exercise alone, get a playlist of a specific length.  Don’t stop exercising until the music stops.  Never underestimate the power of music!

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