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The 1st  AISLE is available on  It will explore the reasons why we need to have more plants in our lives and provide an effective method to make it happen by becoming a Resultatarian.  Look forward to some powerful information which will bring you to metabolic superiority!

Many online and print references were used to produce The 1st Aisle.  Here is the complete list:  The 1st Aisle Book References

LIVE IN THE POWER ZONE will pour into your mind exactly what it has been thirsting for: potent information to keep you on top of your game. After digesting the mental nourishment contained in this book you will undoubtedly begin to unleash the power you have deep down inside. As a warning, be extremely careful because your life will be more thrilling than ever before. This book is based on a new and exciting maxim called the Dynamic Destiny Principle. It is simply how to realize a vibrant and exciting future which is influenced and brought to life by how you use your mind. The eight fundamental concepts of the principle are Dreaming, Desire, Decisions, Devotion, Determination, Discipline, Daring and Deliverance. Upon reading this book your mastery of those concepts will be complete. You will have an insurance policy for success and nothing will stop you from realizing your greatness. It’s your life…live it!