For me there’s no more veganism or vegetarianism.  It’s all about results!  The question is, how do we get the results we want in the most efficient and effective manner?  My master key is 100% plant-based eating.  The closer we move to plants, the better we will fare.

The Tenets of Resultatarianism

  1. Long-term results are more important than short-term results.   Far too often we desire results that bring momentary pleasure, which do not serve us well after the pleasure has faded.  Work on visualizing the far-reaching outcome of your actions to make the best decisions in the moment.  Oftentimes short-term results are not discernible as they lay the foundation for long-term results.  Patience is the key to lifelong sustainability.
  2. Never argue with results. If someone is getting a pleasing result it is not wise to disparage it, even if you disagree with the methodology.  People want different results for different reasons, based an individual’s emotions, self-esteem, culture, family life, etcetera.  We must applaud the happiness of others while not judging.
  3. Positive results should harm no one. It is never wise to harm anyone on the road to success.  Pursing positive results with reckless abandon or blind ambition invokes negative karma that will tarnish the positive results.

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