The 2-Minute Office Workout concept hit me while doing exercises when I put food in the microwave.  As my food was warming up for two minutes I started doing squats.  I found that two minutes got my heart pumping and my legs warmed up.  The next time I did arm curls and I felt my biceps awakened and pumped up.  The next time I did…I think you get the point!  On face value 120 seconds does not appear to be a lot of time, but based on my personal experience and working with clients, it is much more than enough to get the job done.  And it certainly beats doing nothing at all! The 2-Minute Office Workout will be your breakthrough to achieve supreme health and fitness.  There’s no need for a gym membership or fancy exercise gadgets.  Weights are not necessary and workout attire is optional.  All you must do is make the commitment to maximize on your work space and time with a few simple exercises. The 2-Minute Office Workout is a great program to reduce stress in the workplace.  In turn stress reduction improves employee performance.  Short bursts of exercise, in two minute time slots, is all that is needed to get the stress reduction process started.   Increased productivity and enhanced vitality will soon follow. The 2-Minute Office Workout is easy and fun.  As important, it is efficient and effective.  Best of all, you will see results in no time.  And, as a bonus, also included are healthy eating tips to boost your metabolism and well-being!

Calf Exercises

Quad & Glute Exercises

Core Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Arms & Chest Exercises

Arm Curls (3 grips)

Seated Triceps Dips

Wall Push-Ups

Desk Push-Ups

Hamstring & Glute Exercises